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Choosing an Elder Care Facility

Choosing an Elder Care Facility - Decision Making Steps:

Assess the situation

  • Is the staff friendly and trained to assist your loved one?
  • Tour at least three facilities and choose two that you are comfortable with. Virtual tours are helpful, but make sure to visit in person as well.
  • List the pros and cons of each facility
  • Discuss which facilities are the best fit for your loved one with family members, close friends etc.

Determine a solution

  • Once the concerns have been defined, state your goals

Gather information

  • Look at alternatives
  • Confirm that all those involved in the process understand
  • Assure that the best interests of those to be affected are protected
  • Make comparisons (see our cost comparison chart)
  • Consider care requirements and costs
  • Find the place that fits your goals and comfort level (if possible, involve the person who will be admitted, in the process)

Develop a plan to reach your goals

  • Which alternative best suits the needs, desires, dignity at the most reasonable price
  • The choice with the most advantages; fewest drawbacks, acceptable to the most - wins

Establish a trial period

  • See that all involved make the effort needed to make it work

Evaluate the trial period & make a final decision or adjustments if needed

  • Review, make long-range plans or set a new goal

Does Your Elder Care Facility Offer a Guarantee?

WLAL's Money Back Guarantee assures you that if you are able to find comparable amenities, services and care for less, you will be refunded the difference and if you choose to check into that facility, you will be released from your lease - provided you document your findings and cancel your lease within the first three months of your lease term.

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