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Windsor Luxury Assisted Pricing and Comparisons

Windsor Luxury Assisted Living is proud to say we are different than other Arizona assisted living facilities because we can provide exceptional care at a fraction of the cost.

In comparing standard in-home care costs we can conservatively say prices range from $214 per day for basic care to $354 per day for complete care. These figures do not address any ancillary costs for food preparation, fine food or special dietary needs. Nor do they reveal the costs and management hassles associated with staffing, re-staffing, absenteeism, vacations, scheduling, coordinating purchasing of supplies/groceries and bill payments, transportation. Furthermore, these figures are based on maintaining a 2000 sq. ft. home without a mortgage and with caregivers being paid just $10/hour.

One can live at our Arizona assisted living facility, with all the care, services, amenities, social options included in the cost. Our management team offers superior attention to needs, life style and dignity - including the fine culinary delights at a savings of from $29,586 annually for basic care to $31,986 annually for complete care. On top of which is provided in our ultimate offering of the 1550 sq. ft. Master Suite. See the Comparison Page to view the actual savings analysis spreadsheet.

We are able to contain our costs because we are a small Luxury Assisted Living Resort™ and our costs are divided among a number of residents. We are in control of our smaller fixed-costs whereas bigger bureaucratic agencies feed upon themselves.

Luxury Assisted Living Packages

You can choose from one of these exclusive, luxurious suites, each with a spectacular view:

  • The Master Suite with a private office, enormous bedroom and stunning fireplace, his/her baths, huge his/her closets, a spectacular bathroom with steam/shower & Jacuzzi with views of Camelback Mountain (1550 sq. ft).
  • La Casita - The Guest House with a separate living area and fireplace, huge bedroom, bathroom with steam/shower & Jacuzzi (1,100 sq. ft.).
  • Large Suites - One of the four large bedroom self-contained suites has a sitting area and the full-sized bathroom and a full-size walk-in closet.

Remember that most Arizona assisted living facilities have hidden fees that Windsor Luxury Assisted Living includes as part of our packages. Our comparison chart will provide you with a detailed description of the standard cost compared to ours, along with typical added costs that we will never surprise you with.

Windsor Luxury Assisted Living

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