Windsor Luxury Assisted Living


Currently a number of widows are looking into care homes and couples who fear having to separate when one needs permanent care. It's very sad when couples (and good friends) have to split up when one of them needs care. We've all lived long enough to see the devastation of those who've been through the joys and challenges of life, who find that they have to live apart when one needs permanent care.

Windsor Luxury Assisted Living enables loved ones to remain together, where luxury living is available for each and everyone; along with all the attention and care needed - to relieve the stresses of life, not add to them. In-fact, a group of friends considering independent or assisted living for someone within their group can arrange to live together in luxury within the Manor.

Each person can enjoy independent and Windsor Luxury Resort Living™ at the finest level of care that re-inspires them - extending their lives and comfort. Retired living then transforms into re-inspired vitality at a resort built around needs, maintaining dignity and life-style.

Windsor Luxury Assisted Living

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