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At Windsor Luxury Assisted Living we believe you should know what to expect before finding the perfect assisted living facility for yourself or your loved one. This is why we put together a list of what you should expect from any elder care home, and what you will find in ours.

What to Expect From Your Assisted Living Facility

Friendships prosper at Windsor Luxury Assisted Living. Not only do you have a resort to share with long-time friends, new friendships grow into cherished treasures. From the staff to the residents, friendships are encouraged because of the intimate size of the resort and through the activities designed around building camaraderie. One part of staying healthy is staying engaged and having an active social life. That’s why Windsor Luxury Assisted Living typically provides numerous ways for patients to take part in activities. You can check with Caregivers and staff to find out more about specific programs, but listed below are just some of the activities you can usually find.


Windsor Luxury Assisted Living residents are encouraged to participate in the many activities that are part of their stay here. For those residents that need more therapeutic activities and personalized attention, our Concierge program provides structured and personalized activities to help the resident maintain and improve their quality of life.

Caregivers and staff are compassionate companions here to befriend residents and help them with their everyday needs, concerns, and the little things we all value and sometimes take for granted such as helping to connect with family & friends who may be far away via our webcam video conferencing service provided online by Skype - providing concierge services along the same lines as the finest of hotels and when residents are expecting visiting guests, they too can partake in concierge services (i.e. area resort accommodations along with transportation can be re-arranged):

  • Enjoying Music
  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Games/Cards alongside residents
  • Coordinating a Massage
  • Arranging for Spa Treatments/Manicure/Pedicures
  • Helping with Exercise Programs
  • Yoga
  • Clasic Movies
  • Music therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Swimming
  • Walks
  • Outings
  • Bingo

And a myriad of other wonderful things to fulfill our residents' lives.
If there is a specific type of activity you would like, be sure to talk with staff and find out if you can make suggestions. Most Caregivers and staff are happy to plan events around their residents, provided the activity isn’t dangerous or outrageously expensive.


Currently a number of widows are looking into care homes and couples who fear having to separate when one needs permanent care. It's very sad when couples (and good friends) have to split up when one of them needs care. We've all lived long enough to see the devastation of those who've been through the joys and challenges of life, who find that they have to live apart when one needs permanent care.

Windsor Luxury Assisted Living enables loved ones to remain together, where luxury living is available for each and everyone; along with all the attention and care needed - to relieve the stresses of life, not add to them. In-fact, a group of friends considering independent or assisted living for someone within their group can arrange to live together in luxury within the Manor.

Each person can enjoy independent and Windsor Luxury Resort Living™ at the finest level of care that re-inspires them - extending their lives and comfort. Retired living then transforms into re-inspired vitality at a resort built around needs, maintaining dignity and life-style.

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